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8 January @ 2:00 pm 5:00 pm

8 January 2023

To take part in workshop please write to this email: atzori.l@tiscali.it
Participation: 50€

The workshop is aimed at all those who intend, for artistic or personal and professional reasons, to study the voice by going into its techniques, physiology, and performative use with a particular attention to overtone singing. Therefore, the whole aspect related to breathing will be explored, thus the knowledge of the costodiaphragmatic apparatus. We will discover what the diaphragm is and what its action is, how to use costal muscles, the auxiliary respiratory muscles. Exercises borrowed from yoga and other methods will be associated as well as various facial and vocal warm-up exercises. We will find out what a vocalization is, and how it goes with the breath. We will then explore the larynx and the action of its muscles in the various registers. From the vocalizations we will understand what sympathetic vibration is.

The deepening will continue with the discovery of the resonators. We will discover how to use the oropharyngeal and laryngeal apparatus to clearly direct the voice to the resonator concerned. Palatal, nasal, velar, occipital, laryngeal, pharyngeal, uvular, false chordal resonators etc. A particular space will be dedicated to overtone singing. The creation of resonances, the control of harmonics through the use of the tongue and lips, the use of the body during phonation: we will always remember that the voice is the body. Exercises related to the mask will be deepened to which the question of grimaces will be added. These facial and lingual workouts will create postural sequences of resonators. We will learn how to create melodies with armonics, how to use the first and second formant, and how to use fake chords to create kargiira tecnique (tibetan chant). Then at least we will create a chorus that i will be record and should be possible that if the result is good will be edit to create an audio that should be published.

Then we will discover theorical arguments as pitagorical and tolemaic ladder, the equal temperance, what is an harmonic, a musical interval. Then we will begin, in the second appointment to practize different tecniques of overtone singing: khoomei, kargira, sygyt, tenores of sardegna.

Greetings to you and i leave an ispirational symphony of german composer Stockhausen 🙂

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