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Organised Decay I

5.1.23 @ 9:00 pm 11:30 pm

An evening full of decaying sounds organised by frequency manipulation aficionados.

Atomvulkan Britz

The notorious “are they serious?” duo, that’s comprised of the seasoned veterans, Sun Ra Bullock and Garry flannel, known for their charming mix of dub, punk and sludge.



UnoX is the collaborative project between Perkwuno and xrysafeniax. Combining live acoustic drums with triggered electronics, the two merge their signals and their styles in this unit, exploring their rhythmical influences.


The abrasive sound of a cudgel, that becomes a cordial hostility, which is tied to your overbearing inner farrago. A berlin basement based Drum-Vocal Duo (Ilia+Asja) that writhes in noise and makes you wanna whizz in circles. Inustrial Rap-fusillades create this red liquid feeling, flowing out of your ears.

Music selection by Megan Brailey during the evening.

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