artist residency in Berlin

PAS is multidisciplinary art space and venue. Since 2017 there has been a rich program of concerts, performances, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

The space predominantly hosts work in the field of contemporary and experimental art & music. We are constantly working to build international relations in the field of independent contemporary art. Other goals are the development of local culture and a platform for new ideas. A small independent bridge between Russia and the rest of the world (Berlin) is also being tracked.

Main tenant: Alexei Ananiev (freelance architect).

Curator of the place: Alexander Markvart (musician, art director, organizer) 

  • active since June 2017
  • approximately 350 sq.m.
  • consists of rooms for artist meetings/workshops, living room concerts and studio work + 120 sq.m. project & communication room
  • over 3500 Facebook followers
  • directly on the Spree, in the Moabit district of Berlin 
  • has an ever-growing artistic community
  • professional music system, simple equipment, musical instruments  drums, amplifiers, Projectors, chairs, etc.
  • disabled access and WC usage
  • existing approval of building authority
  • independent. no outside affiliations
  • open bar counter
  • for 2 years more than 130 non-profit events have been held here in the field of art and music and dance