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Luca Atzori & Bikini Party / Lvx Interior

8 January @ 8:00 pm 11:30 pm

Instekten by Luca Atzori & Bikini Party

Lvx Interior
Arcane noise


Instekten is the soundtrack of a film not yet made. Overtone singing and vocalizations paint a dark ambient noise wall, for a composition divided into two pieces: tagesinsekten (diurnal insects) and nachtative insekten (nocturnal insects) which are also the parts into which the visual part will be divided. Luca Atzori and Alberto Papotto’s Bikini party project, together with the video artist Marco Giambra and the double bass player Veronica Perego, in the realization of Insekten, have made the choice to propose the music first, so as to be able to share the sound suggestions that will accompany the film. It is a purely visual and sound narrative film. A world, seen in subjective, no longer human. The film, in its transcendental para-naturalism, does not detach itself from the symbolic. We cannot, in fact, go beyond the boundary of otherness. We are imprisoned by it. The world resides within ourselves, and we are as vast as the world. Therefore insects are a distortion of the human. Imagining what we will never know, or what a world is for insects, leads us to deform. And this is also what we want to tell. A metaphor for life, growth, death. An anxious meditation. An entomological dream. Voice and electronic resonances. Insects that use their exoskeletons to sing. A film only sound for now. Made of visions. Limits. Worlds. Insects.

Lvx Interior – Arcane Noise

Magic, psychic and moral operations must be involved in the contemplation of the Arcane, all of which take place beyond intellectual investigations and explanations. For these operations to materialize, one must be ready to keep the secret that he or she is awarded. It is a job to be executed in solitude and by the solitary.


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