PAS in Berlin

Petersburg Art Space (PAS) is an art space and event venue, open to all branches of art and science.  Since 2017, there has been a rich series of concerts, performances, workshops, seminars and exhibitions. PAS also offers a residency programme for artists and researchers to live and work together in the same space.

PAS predominantly hosts works in the fields of contemporary and experimental art and music, with the goal of being a platform for new, innovative ideas and a local hub for international connections

The rooms and equipment can be rented for rehearsals or events. Resident artists are available for hire in their respective professions. See the services section for more information.

PAS is also welcome to holding any project which generally enriches the cultural landscape in Berlin and our local community in Alt Moabit.  Aside from concerts and theatre performances, we have also hosted events such as video instillations, film evenings, or readings . If you are unsure whether your project fits in, send us an email with your idea and we’ll get back to you!



Main Tenant: Alexei Ananiev

Art Directors: Alexander Markvart and Joey Gavin