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„Stills“ Solo Exhibition by Anika Krbetschek

19 January 21 February

„Stills“ Solo Exhibition by Anika Krbetschek
will be displayed at PAS from 19.01. 8pm on

About the Artist:
„Anika Krbetschek‘s artistic practice is an in-depth investigation of internal psychic phenomena and their impact on an individual’s sensation and perception. With that, she operates within a fundamental interest in the strangeness of sensation and perception, as well as in relation to a societal system and justice discourses. She does not only questions the label “illness” for inner psychic experiences but also artistically transcends the concept of boundaries, treating them rather as a continuum of human experiences, while reflecting the role of contemporary art in addressing issues of identity, perception, and social inclusion.“ Written by Silvia Russo – @silviar49

Space curator: @jojiija
thank you and @t.w.trashley for inviting me!

Exhibition opened during the events in the space. Check the schedule!

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