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Riffo/Keaney – Cumstick – Andrés Quezada – Francesco Riffo at PAS

25 November @ 9:00 pm 11:30 pm



Doors: 21:00
Show: 22:00

Francisco Riffo
Francisco Riffo is a musician and an interdisciplinary artist from the southern city of Puerto Montt in Chile. His main subject of study is sound in the forms of installation and electroacoustic music. He mainly uses digital mediums for producing sounds, and is constantly asking himself questions about the limits and opportunities these tools can offer. This, as well as the creativity and constant change of the world in the XXI century, are the most important things for him at the moment.

Andrés Quezada
Andrés Quezada was born in 1993 in Santiago, Chile. He has a degree in Composition and Percussion from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He was drummer for the math rock band tortuganónima and currently is composer and performer in Narval Orquesta, an ensemble of eleven musicians that explores an eclectic fusion of genres, from art rock, experimental pop, free jazz, electroacoustic music and various influences from contemporary classical music. He is founder and director of the record label Narval, which creates, produces and distributes new experimental music under various ensembles, bands and soloists. His music has been performed throughout Chile at numerous festivals and concerts, as well as in the United States, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Spain and the UK. Currently he is studying Electronic Composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

His work focuses on the development of instrumental and electroacoustic music for chamber ensembles and soloist performers incorporating various eclectic stylistic elements that coexist in the same sound universe, thus converging contradictory and paradoxical materials that dialogue with each other. His interest in electroacoustic music and modular synthesizers has led him to develop extended sounds in traditional instruments, thus creating music with new and divergent tonal and sonic possibilities that explores the crossings between acoustic and electronic media.

Kick, Bang, Bark, Scratch. Cumstick plays post punk and makes you smile

Debut performance of the collaboration between Mitchell Keaney and Francisco Riffo.

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