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R E M – Music For Closed Eyes

14.2.23 @ 10:00 pm 15.2.23 @ 10:00 am

R E M – Music For Closed Eyes
Tue 14/04/23 Valentine’s Day
PAS Barlin
(From 22 to 10 am)

Wakefulness is the controlled flow of psychic energy, it is the conscious system that analyses, catalogues, removes thought. Sleep is the free flow of psychic energy, it is one of the many places where the unconscious, in the form of desires and instincts, often murky and unutterable, manifests itself through dreams.
What suggestions can the insertion of sounds generate in that liminal phase between sleep and wakefulness? What changes in us, when we return to lucidity after sleeping accompanied by sounds? And how do sounds interact with dreaming?
We might dream that we are listening to music that we believe to be in the dream, we might dream that we are listening to music that we know to be real, or the dream might distort/modulate the music and lead us into a more or less conscious listening experience that is impossible to gain in wakefulness.
Altering the experience of sleep with music means searching for sensations that can become suggestions for wakefulness. Can we find creative stimuli by accompanying sleep with music? Perhaps we could even influence our unconscious, dreamlike production through music.
Certainly far from any scientific accuracy and completeness R E M – Music For Closed Eyes wants to be an invitation to a personal exploration of sleep and dreams, altered by sounds, in search of suggestions, unusual mental states and even new awareness and
interpretations of psychic production.


LINE UP (solo, duo, jam)
Showcasing PAS resident and guest artists

Megan Brailey
Daniel Craig
Filippo Gillono
Giorgio Alloatti
Alexandra Kopelyan
Paolo Possidente
Daniel Bryden
Alexander Markvart
Boris Shershenkov

“sPACE. Underground on the second floor above the river”
Drawings by Joana Cuiko
Poetry by Susi Rosenbohm

Drinks and food available at PAS cozy bar.
PAS will provide some sofas, mats, pillows and blankets.
If you can bring some of these things too so everybody can be relaxed and comfortable.

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