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Neu Berlin Institute of Improvised Music vol. 4

20.9.23 @ 8:00 pm 11:30 pm

4th session of ‘Neu Berlin Institute of Improvised Music’:
At the celebrated Petersburg Artspace The I n s t i t u t e is hosting a new improvisational session. We welcome you!

In this case the opening group will be:

Henrik Walsdorff – alto saxophone
Eliad Wagner – analog synthiziser
Emilie Škrijelj – accordion-turntable-sampler-electronics
Tom Malmendier – drums

After the opening group there will be put together sessions by the curator.
Doors 20h
Concert starts 20h30.

By bringing together different practices of improvisation, we strive to open up the often isolated situation of music scenes to each other and prevent a structural conservatism that exists in the field of improvisation. We focus on connecting and learning from all different genres and subsidiaries. Encouraging people from different musical backgrounds and contexts to interact with each other and create a curated framework for immediate composition in a live setting. Because we believe that improvisation can mean lifelong musical learning, we want to view its ongoing practice and performance as an opportunity for the development of one’s “voice” and to create a regular offering for musicians* to keep trying themselves out in this laboratory and working community. We hope that in this way we can contribute to spreading this common respect for each other and the different approaches to improvisation in all of our respective “scenes” and enable fresh perspectives. The idea is not new, of course, but we want to perceive it anew. In our case we take the name away from an institution that was founded in Vienna in 2005 under the name ‘The Neu New York/Vienna Institute of Improvised Music’ by the now deceased saxophonist Marco Eneidi and still exists as ‘Monday Improvisers Session’ in Vienna.
A warm invitation to you, if you feel addressed, and if you want to join this process as a listener!

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