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“Listening” exhibition by Winny Li

6 May @ 8:00 pm 18 May @ 11:30 pm

Exhibition by
Winny Li (@rice0743)

Short description:
Step into a realm where material speaks in echoes at Listening. Through brushstrokes and the state of materials after drying and settling, they express an in-depth exploration of self-expression. This exhibition invites you to listen to the visual symphony created by Winny Li.

They are a reflection of Winny’s personal journey, capturing moments of introspection and reflection. Experiencing the power of silence and the beauty of vulnerability, Listening reveals a series of pictures that transcend words and speak directly to reality. Each stroke is a dialogue, and each work is a chapter in her artistic exploration.

Join us at PAS from May 6th to 18th and immerse yourself in the serenity of Listening.

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