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3xButohTanz+Musik: Maruska Ronchi, Min Yoon, Anna Orkolainen, Wieland Möller

22 February @ 7:00 pm 11:30 pm

22 Feb 2024 7pm doors and 7:30pm show at Petersburg Art Space

A night of butoh performances by visiting artists Maruska Ronchi (Italy) & Anna Orkolainen (Finland/Saxony) & Min Yoon (Berlin)
with an improvisation with Wieland Möller (Percussions/Berlin)

ending with an open improvisation set for all
with donations at the door


Les Sylphides | Butoh ritual performance by Anna Orkolainen

Sylphids are air fairies, spirits of dead women. The legend says that they come back to appear in the dreams of men who betrayed them. Men who created wars, spreaded lies, stoled lands, raped, killed and put in chains.
During 19th century, many men wrote ballets piéces inspired by these supernatural creatures, where unequivocably beautiful women were dancing in pure, graceful, white dresses. All for the eyes of greedy, plased men.
But, maybe, Sylphids are not pure, neither graceful or beautiful. And they do not want to please the men.
Music from Frédéric Chopin, processed by Gerardo Vitale.

dancing-being-in-time by Min Yoon
dancetotheedge.com | vimeo.com/dancetotheedge | instagram.com/dancetotheedge

with the body as an archive of pain, repetition, change over time

in a structured improvisation of butoh dance+ and vocals

WHISPER OF SILENCE by Maruska Ronchi
maruskaronchi.com | instagram.com/butoh_maru

There is a place of deep and quiet heed

A sanctuary for images to appear

In stillness, secrets are conveyed

Silence speaks with a gentle explosion

Trio improvisation with Wieland Möller (percussions), Min Yoon (dance), and visiting artist, Maruska Ronchi (dance) and Anna Orkolainen

We will end the night with an improvisation set open for everyone, seeded by butoh dance. Dancers, musicians, poets, and xx are warmly welcome.

photo credits:
Maruska Ronchi’s by Iztok Zupan
Min Yoon’s from projections by Nanda D’Agostino
Wieland Möller’s by Claude Hofer

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