Gut reaction

Previous Next Gut Reaction Theater group from dance and drum artists from Berlin and Napoli (Percussive Dance Theater). Show your show in PAS once in half a year.

Spiral Open Session

Spiral Open Session Open sessions held in Berlin on one Sunday a month starting in February 2019, to talk through, visualize, and sound together another approach to conceptualizing and listening […]

Overlain solos

Overlain solos presents Overlain Solos – a special series that serves to yield a collection of recordings that make particular use of modified master cassette deck that enables for […]


Dissidents A series of concerts in the direction of voice improvisation, experimental music and performance art. Curator is Lorena Isklado (Spain).

Les Tomates Amplifieés

Les Tomates Amplifieés A series of concerts with analog electronics, tape, improvisation and specific sounds. Curators Kamil Korolchuk (Poland), Mari Takahashi (Japan).

Sunday Series

Sunday Series Continuation of a series of concerts by the organizers of “Sacred Realism”. The series has existed for several years and was previously held in Studio 8. Since 2018 […]

Vovne series

Previous Next Vovne series A number of different concerts and performances. The main focus is new music and art, synthesis of different genres, experiments, improvisational music. Curator is Alexander Markvart […]

Klub Demboh

Klub Demboh A weekly revitalizer of Berlin’s experimental music scene in its openness, tense precision and dynamic mix of timbres and organized sounds. There is a regular team, but the […]

Peter & Friends

Previous Next Peter & Friends A monthly one-day event featuring musicians, performers, DJs, visual artists of various genres performing on the same bill. Amateurs and professionals share the stage on […]