Dissidents A series of concerts in the direction of voice improvisation, experimental music and performance art. Curator is Lorena Isklado (Spain). https://www.facebook.com/events/593122951165852

Music for the Cosmos

Cosmos Poster

Music for the Cosmos PAS (Petersburg Art Space) is a music venue and artist residency since 2017. Since Covid-19, we cannot host events and we are therefore in financial distress. […]

ÖPR Exchange Programme

ÖPR Exchange Programme Previous Next Project name: Artist’s residence – a place for exchange. The exchange project is implemented on the basis of three networks of sites – art residences: […]

Artist residence

Previous Next Artist residence Our creative open space will be happy to be interested in the area of music, art, theater, dance, film, architecture, product design, sociology, psychology and other […]